Beef Leaders Institute Participants:

NC members participated in the BLI, a pasture-to-plate experience for young leaders in the Angus industry, encompassing genetic selection tools, herd health, feedlot, packing and retail product distribution.

Jed Connealy (Whitman) and David Orr (North Platte) were two of the 16 Angus enthusiasts to attend.

The five-day event in late June began at the American Angus Association’s headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo.  Visiting four states while on the BLI tour, participants were able to experience Boehringer Ingleheim, St. Joseph, Mo.; Tyson processing plant, Dakota City, Neb.; TransOva, Sioux Center, Iowa; Gregory Feedlot, Tabor, Iowa; GeneSeek, Lincoln, Neb.; Sysco Cleveland, Ohio; CAB headquarters, Wooster, Ohio; and Buehler’s Milltown, Wooster, Ohio.

New this year was the addition of Certified Angus Beef (CAB) to the tour. This let producers learn about marketing opportunities for Angus breeders and how cattlemen can reach the CAB brand target.

Conneally said BLI helped him learn more about the industry and be a better advocate for the industry.

“I’ve never visited a packing plant before,” Orr said, “Just getting to see the scale of everything, and the number of animals, and how they move them through the plant was very impressive.”

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