The Nebraska Cattlemen association is a grassroots organization whose individual producer members determine issues of importance to the state beef industry. Its principal services are government affairs, public information, issues management, and management education and information.


Nebraska Cattlemen performs three basic functions.

  1. Represents the beef cattle industry to the legislative and administrative branches of the state and federal governments.
  2. Explain beef production to the public and opinion influencers. Also, interpret economic, social and political developments to the industry.
  3. Provide economic and production information to members to aid them in their own planning and management.


Each member has the opportunity to influence state cattlemen’s association policy and priorities through participation in councils and committees.



Animal Health & Nutrition
Brand & Property Rights
Marketing & Commerce
Natural Resources & Environmental

Allied Industries (non-voting)

Nebraska Cattlemen members voluntarily make dues investments, based upon the number of cattle owned, in the association.  This investment allows the staff and officers of Nebraska Cattlemen to work on members’ behalf. The professional staff is knowledgeable about the industry and government activity which ensures qualified representation for members while the member works at their business, raising and caring for the cattle of Nebraska.


Nebraska Cattlemen is the spokesman for the state’s beef cattle industry and represents nearly 3,000 cattle breeders, producers and feeders as well as 48 county and local cattlemen’s associations. Nebraska Cattlemen pulls together strong individuals to make a decision- making team that is dedicated to promoting the beef industry and enhancing the opportunity for profitability.


Nebraska Cattlemen formed on August 24, 1988, through a consolidation of the Nebraska Stock Growers Association (founded 1888), the Nebraska Livestock Feeders Association (founded 1970) and the Nebraska Feedlot Council (founded 1987).

Click here to view the past presidents of Nebraska Cattlemen as well as past presidents of the three parent organizations.


"Working for Nebraska beef producers providing leadership, education and representation."