Nebraska Cattlemen members develop grass roots policy on state and national legislative issues. Association staff monitors this legislation, engage state and national representatives and follow up with members as issues progress.


General policy creation occurs at the Nebraska Cattlemen Convention where members work in committees to develop resolutions and policy statements to guide Nebraska Cattlemen. Policy specific to legislative bills are developed at the Nebraska Cattlemen Legislative meeting.


The Nebraska Cattlemen staff lobbyists review all the bills and present appropriate bills for policy consideration by the legislative committee. Members are an essential link in policy promotion by contacting their individual representatives about particular bills. As needed, the President-Elect, as legislative committee chairman, may also ask membership to testify on important legislative bills.



Nebraska Cattlemen officers, committee members and staff continually monitor all current and proposed regulations of the beef industry. The job of ensuring a fair and practical business climate would be only half done if the Nebraska Cattlemen monitored just lawmakers. This monitoring primarily involves state and federal agencies with whom Nebraska Cattlemen has long-time working relationships. Relationships with these agencies is imperative as it allows Nebraska Cattlemen to offer insight and guidance on proposals that affect beef producers. Just a few regulatory issues that Nebraska Cattlemen involves itself in include: water use, wetlands, erosion, animal waste, animal health products, taxes, pesticides, marketing and international trade.