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State & Regional Advertising: Amber Coleman at 402.655.2285

National Advertising: Davy Taff at 334.271.6100

Nebraska Cattleman Magazine Editor: Mike Fitzgerald at 402.475.2333




The Nebraska Cattleman is the official publication of Nebraska Cattlemen. The Nebraska Cattleman is a color, high resolution magazine that is published ten times a year and the first of every month (except May and July) and sent to nearly 80% of all beef producers in Nebraska. Editorial material is primarily prepared by the Nebraska Cattlemen communications department.


Editorial features emphasize business management and include topics such as marketing, genetics, nutrition, forage and pasture management, and animal health. Editorial also includes personality profiles, coverage of Nebraska Cattlemen activities and comments on issues important to cattlemen in Nebraska.


Advertisers, both state and national, depend on the Nebraska Cattleman as the only magazine dedicated solely to Nebraska’s beef cattle industry. Each month it reaches nearly 15,000 cattle ranchers, farmers and businesses.

Website Advertising


To advertise on the Nebraska Cattlemen website, you will need to provide a web-ready ad or copy for ad creation.

 Rotated Ads are rotated on a two ad basis (only 2 ads rotating in that spot)

  • Ads rotate like a slideshow
  • All ads include a link to a website, pdf or e-mail
  • Ads need to be in gif or jpeg formats and cannot be larger than 30k


Please provide one of the following:

  • A "Square Button" ad to run in the right column (125 x 125 pixels)
  • A "Banner" ad to run at the bottom of the page (460 x 60 pixels)



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Website Bundle Rates *Bundled rates require prior advertising in Nebraska Cattleman magazine



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 *All web site and newsletter ads are sold on first come, first serve basis


NC Insider

NC Insider is an electronic newsletter that is exclusive to over 1,700 Nebraska Cattlemen members. It gets e-mailed out every other Friday afternoon. Each NC Insider has a calendar section, market report, news items relative to current cattle events and updates on staff activities.


  • The NC Insider is exclusive to two bottom banner ads per newsletter

 Please provide the following:

  • A bottom banner ad (540 x 90 pixels, 72 dpi)
  • Approx. 55 words or less


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