"The Beef State" License Plate

beef state plate

CLICK HERE for application

Please mail your completed application and $70 (make checks payable to Nebraska Cattlemen) to Nebraska Cattlemen, Inc., 1010 Lincoln Mall, Suite 101, Lincoln, NE 68508-2833.

As you are well aware, Nebraska is, and always will be “The Beef State”. The beef industry is Nebraska’s single largest industry, driving much of the state’s economy. So it seems only fitting that our license plates recognize what we do best, produce beef.

In order to accomplish this, the Nebraska Cattlemen along with the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation have worked with the Nebraska Department of Motor vehicles to resurrect “The Beef State” license plate, as an organizational plate.

But before we can get these organizational plates on the roads, we need your help! In order for the plates to be produced, the law requires that we must collect 500 applications along with the required $70 fee.

 Applying for a license plate is easy!

Simply fill out the enclosed application and mail it to the Nebraska Cattlemen office along with a $70 check payable to Nebraska Cattlemen.

Once we receive 500 completed applications, we will send them to the DMV and they will send out a letter to each individual advising the applicant as to when their plate will be available for pick up at their county treasurer’s office.

 Why is there an annual $70 fee for this plate?

These funds go to the State of Nebraska, $10.50 to the DMV Cash Fund and $59.50 to the Nebraska Highway Trust.

 What vehicles are eligible for “The Beef State” license plate?

All vehicles are eligible except those registered for inter-state trucking businesses.

 Can I use my current license plate number or personalize “The Beef State” license plate?

Unfortunately, organizational plates are not able to be personalized nor are applicants able to keep current plate numbers or county numbers on these plates. As shown in the image above plates will be numbered with three numbers followed by two letters.

If you have attachment to your current plate numbers, which most of us do, what about a livestock trailer? Trailers are eligible for “The Beef State” plates and what better place for one of these then on the back off a livestock trailer full of cattle.

 If you have any questions regarding “The Beef State” license plate please feel free to contact the NC office at 402.475.2333.

Put beef on your dinner plate and your license plate!