Nebraska Cattlemen Select Priority Bills for the First half of the 108th Legislative Session

LINCOLN, NE (January 26, 2023) – Yesterday, during their annual Legislative Committee meeting, Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) selected three priority bills, LB783, LB242, and LB243, and took positions on eighty-nine pieces of legislation for the first half of the 108th Nebraska Unicameral legislative session


Jerry Kuenning, Chair of the NC Legislative Committee stated, “One of our most important jobs as Nebraska Cattlemen leadership is to support policies to protect Nebraska’s beef cattle producers. After a thorough review process, we have selected three priority bills, in accordance with Nebraska Cattlemen policy, that reinforce the dire need for property tax reform in our state. Property tax reform is critical for rural vitality, and we look forward to working with our state legislators to leave a better Nebraska for future generations of producers.”

LB783 brought forth by Senator Dave Murman (District 38) aims to eliminate community college districts’ ability to levy property taxes beginning in FY2026-27.

Further, Senator Tom Briese (District 41) introduced LB242 and LB243 to change existing legislation and provide additional property tax relief. LB242 seeks to change provisions of the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act, by removing the 5% allowable growth percentage cap and setting the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive at $1 billion for 2024. Senator Briese’s LB243 sets the minimum amount of relief granted under the Property Tax Credit Act at $700 million for 2024.


Nebraska Cattlemen played a key role in the adoption of the largest tax relief package ever in the history of Nebraska, LB873, during the 107th Legislative Session. Specifically, the $205 million in property tax relief involving community colleges was a direct result of the work NC completed last winter in the Nebraska Cattlemen Taxation working group. Property tax relief remains one of Nebraska Cattlemen’s utmost priorities for the first half of the 108th legislative session.


Founded in 1988, Nebraska Cattlemen is a grass roots membership policy organization – governed by the NC Board of Directors and committed to protecting the interests of Nebraska’s beef cattle producers at the local, state, and federal level. Nebraska Cattlemen’s mission is to work on behalf of Nebraska cattle producers– pasture to plate.