Nebraska Cattlemen Elects Jerry Kuenning as President

LINCOLN, NE (Dec. 8, 2023) – Today, the Nebraska Cattlemen membership elected Jerry Kuenning of Imperial, Nebraska, to serve as president.

Jerry Kuenning is a third generation Nebraska agriculturist, and he proudly works alongside the fourth and fifth generations in the family operation in and around Imperial. The Kuenning family’s diversified operation includes a commercial feedlot, a cow-calf herd and an irrigated/dryland farming enterprise.

Executive Vice President, Laura Field stated, “Jerry is dedicated to serving Nebraska’s beef cattle producers and is a true believer in the importance of membership. We look forward to bettering our industry under Jerry’s leadership.”

“I’m a firm believer that grassroots discussions sow the ideas that take root, grow change, and serve as the basis for resolving issues that affect all of us in the beef cattle industry. Without grassroots involvement, there would be no solutions,” said Jerry. He continued, “I couldn’t serve in this capacity without the help and support of my children and their spouses, other family members and our employees. They are the key to making our operation successful and such a blessing in my life. I look forward to serving and working with Nebraska Cattlemen members and board members to make a difference this next year as president.”

Prior to his current position as President of Nebraska Cattlemen, he served on the Upper Republican Natural Resources District (NRD) Board. He followed that with involvement with Nebraska Cattlemen, serving as Feedlot Council vice chair and chair and then CattleFax, where he served as director of the North Central Region, vice president and then eventually president. Jerry also served on the Nebraska Brand Committee in various capacities and as president in 2016. Time on the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation Board and the Nebraska Cattlemen Board were interspersed throughout the years and in 2022, he was asked to come back to Nebraska Cattlemen Board to serve as an officer and eventually president in 2024.

Jerry Kuenning began his one-year term as Nebraska Cattlemen President on Friday, December 8, 2023.